Uncle Scrooge: The Cursed Cell Phone

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Never one to shy away from new ventures and opportunities to make (or more importantly, SAVE) money, this collection highlights some of Scrooge's most unique and wacky experiences to date!

Uncle Scrooge employs Donald and Fethry to fill multiple roles in his floundering newsroom in the hope of impressing a generous benefactor, but are the two cousins up to the task, or does disaster await? Then, one of Gyro's inventions allows Donald and Scrooge to "hear" what every plant, flower, and tree are thinking, which gives Scrooge an idea for how to make millions upon learning about a mysterious captain's treasure buried beneath a special sequoia. In our title story, Uncle Scrooge receives a hexed cell phone from Magica De Spell which puts him completely under her sway! Will Magica De Spell finally get her hands on the Number One Dime after years and years of trying?!

Collects issues #44-46 of the Uncle Scrooge series.