Call of Cthulhu: Cults of Cthulhu

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Cthulhu Calls!
At long last, the intricacies of the nefarious Cthulhu cult are revealed!

What’s Inside?
Cults of Cthulhu gives you the rules to inject fully-realized and unique Cthulhu cults directly into your campaigns, and create your own antagonists. The tome also contains three scenarios featuring insidious Cthulhu cults spanning from the Gaslight era to the modern day.

Secrets of the Cthulhu Cults.
A detailed history of the various cults of Cthulhu, spanning from the Victorian Era all the way to the modern day - perfect for any era of Call of Cthulhu play. The book also includes five distinct cults, ready for use in your games.

Design Your Own Cult.
Detailed guidance on creating your own bespoke Cthulhu cult. Included is a ‘Cults Worksheet’ to track the history of your cult, their inspirations, resources, locations, and much more.

A Suite of Scenarios
Three scenarios concerning Cthulhu cults across time: Loki's Gift, Angel's Thirst, A God's Dream