Cover Your Kingdom

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Cover Your Kingdom is an absurdly ruthless set-collection party game for 3-6 players. This game is a unique spin off of "Cover Your Assets".

In Cover Your Kingdom, you and your rivals will each become Rulers of your own fantasy Kingdom.

Kingdoms are divided in two different regions, the Mountains, and the Valley and most creatures will only live in one region or the other.

Each Ruler's Kingdom mat indicates where each kind of Creature may be placed. Rulers take either 1-2 actions per turn, forming Clans, attempting to recruit Clans, adding Creatures to existing Clans, replacing unwanted Creatures by discarding and drawing. and employing the services of Free Creatures.

This game is as fun (and violent) as the people you play it with.


116 (IR)Regular Creatures
10 Free Creatures
15 Wild Creatures
6 Kingdom Mats
Turn Token