Dinosaur Dig Science Kit — Dig Up and Collect 3 Real Dinosaur Fossils!

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  • A DR. COOL BEST SELLER – This is the ONLY dinosaur kit that contains 3 genuine dinosaur fossils! This best seller fosters a love of science in children of all ages

  • BECOME A PALEONTOLOGIST – Excavate a genuine dinosaur bone, mosasaur tooth, and dino poop fossil and add them to your rock collection!

  • A HOMESCHOOL FAVORITE – This complete science kit is the perfect stand-alone school project that boys and girls will love

  • HAVE A DINOSAUR-THEMED PARTY – Kids love collecting these fossils and showing their friends! This kit makes the perfect gift or party favor!

  • AWARD-WINNING QUALITY – Join the 1000’s of parents who have chosen this award-winning toy, and rest assured with our 100% satisfaction guarantee

 Collect real fossilized dinosaur remains!
Children of all ages love exploring the world of dinosaurs with Dr. Cool’s amazing Dinosaur Dig Kit! Bring the family together for a night of fossil excavation, dinosaur and science education, puzzles, and games.