Dungeonology the Expedition

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In Dungeonology you will play a Scholar sent from Rocca Civetta University to study unlikely places, populated by mythic races. 

Play after play, the scholars will discover different places and their inhabitants in order to discuss their thesis and become the new professor!

Dungeonology is an atypical dungeon crawler, set in a less dark and more carefree version of the world of “Nova Aetas”. 

The goal of the game is not to free the area from hordes of furious and terrifying monsters, collecting huge treasures or magical weapons; instead, our adventurers will have to study habits, take notes and stay undercover.

The scholar who gathers the most or best quality information can discuss their thesis, getting themselves promoted to the role of professor. 
Ages 14+, 2-4 Players, 14+


• 4 Scholar models
• 1 Boss model
• 4 Note boards
• 19 Zones
• 20+ Tokens
• 64 Cubes
• 100 Trick cards
• 1 Campus tile
• 45 Student models
• 1 University bag
• 1 Boss card
• 10 Intern cards
• 15 Jinx cards
• 16 Randomizer cards
• 3 Clan cards
• 3 Alert cards
• 3 Panic cards