Gemstone Dig Science Kit — Excavate 3 Amazing Crystals

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  • THE THRILL OF DISCOVERY – Watch your child light up when they strike pay-dirt! Kids will love digging up the amethyst, quartz, and tiger’s eye treasures!

  • PERFECT PARTY ACTIVITY – Dig for gems and show your friends. A rock collection makes a great party activity or gift!

  • AN EXCITING GEOLOGY LESSON – Inspire and educate your child with an earth science journey and hands-on dig. Includes a full-color adventure guide written by teachers

  • A HOMESCHOOL FAVORITE – This fun and complete science kit is the perfect stand-alone school project that boys and girls love!

  • AWARD-WINNING QUALITY – Join the 1000’s of parents who have purchased this award-winning toy, and rest assured with our 100% satisfaction guarantee

Discover buried treasure!
This Dr. Cool science kit is a favorite among boys, girls, teachers, and parents. Embark on an archeological adventure with your kid and discover semi-precious gemstones that have formed throughout millions of years. Identify the gems you find using our full-color adventure guide, and start a rock collection. These treasures last a lifetime!