Hoyle Catch N Fish

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  • Teaches Math Skills

  • Easy to Learn, Quick to Setup and Play

  • For Ages 4 - 6

  • Two Different Levels of Difficulty

Catch N’ Fish is a game for 2 to 4 players that so easy to learn and fun to play, it makes learning to add and subtract simply irresistible.

After the dealer gives each player seven cards, the first player spins the wheel and starts a wave of fun! Any pair of cards that added together matches the number from the spin makes a Catch. If you’re paying attention, you can sometimes make two or three Catches in a single spin! The first player to make five Catches is the winner. And the best part is that win or lose, kids learn oodles of math skills.

Wild cards stimulate young imaginations while adding excitement. Kids must use their math skills to determine the missing number to make a Catch. Isn’t that marvelous?

Playing the game open handed is a great way to let kids get their feet wet with Level One. In Level Two of Catch N’ Fish, kids learn subtraction. Players must now choose one or more pairs of cards that equal the spin when subtracted. The new challenge can even bring older siblings into the fun.