Lost in R'lyeh

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Lost in R'lyeh is a card game for 2 – 7 players. It is unique in that there are no winners, instead everyone just tries really hard not to lose.

During a game of Lost in R'lyeh the players are naive lovecraftian investigators who have found themselves trapped in the plot of ‘The Call of Cthulhu’. They are assailed from all sides by the horrors of the Great Dread Cthulhu and its despicable disciples. It is every investigator for themselves as they try desperately to escape the briny clutches of the narrative and inevitable insanity. As each stack of cards builds the horror level rises and players must be able to keep pace with their own hand or risk taking on all of that psychological trauma and all of those cards. The players who gets rid of their hand completely can begin the task of escaping the doomed city of R'lyeh.

No player ever wins they simply manage to escape with some semblance of sanity. The last player left in the game has failed to escape and they are trapped in their own minds with all of the terrors of the R’lyeh to keep them company for eternity.