Meccano Micronoid Code A.C.E.

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Enter the exciting and challenging world of robotics! Build the Micronoid Code A.C.E. and see what it feels like to construct your own 7.1” x 11” x 6.7” robot from the ground up. Designed for a novice by Meccano, formerly Erector, this build can be completed in less than 1-hour. As a S.T.E.M toy, building A.C.E. is only half the fun! Once built, sync A.C.E. with your computer and program this intelligent robot. Capable of interaction, A.C.E. is able to respond to you. It’s also capable of getting the party started. Switch A.C.E. into DJ mode and listen to your favourite tunes. If you’re into assembling your own robot army, collect the rest of the Micronoid Code robots, like Magna and Zapp! The robots are programmed to interact with each other in cool ways. Challenge yourself to a fun robotics project with A.C.E.!

Ages 8+