Meccano Micronoid Code Magna

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Create your own robot friend with the Micronoid Magna! This robotic set from Meccano, formerly Erector, is designed for novices aged 8+, who are interested in building and programing! Have fun building, then change gears and put your computer skills to use! Sync Magna to your computer and program how it moves and what it says. You can even switch Magna into different modes like DJ, fighting and 8-ball! Building Magna is as fun as it is intellectually stimulating. As part of Meccano’s S.T.E.M line, building this taps into your understanding of science, technology, engineering and math. Once you’ve built Magna, move onto the rest of the Micronoid Code robots, like A.C.E. and Zapp. Each robot is programmed to interact with the others in cool ways. Amass your own army, starting with Magna!

Ages 8+