Mini Squishable Baby Sloth

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“You are feeling sleeeeeepy! Very sleeeeeepy!” If you hear this phrase while sitting in the audience of a hypnotism show, this is where you should get a little nervous. Within a few moments you might be be cheerfully squawking like a chicken or wondering where you put your pants! Perhaps consider making a run for the aisles before you suddenly realize can’t get up at all (hey, who glued my backside to my chair??) 

But if you hear this phrase in the presence of a baby sloth, it’s time to follow those instructions to the letter! Feeling sleepy is just what baby sloths DO! And no amount of hypnosis chicanery can change that! So snuggle a sloth while you nap, and know that there’s little chance of waking up with the urge to jump in the river every time someone says the word “Megalonychidae.” 7 squishy inches of Megalonychidae. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only!