Redbeards Gold - Escape the Room Refill

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LIVE THE MYSTERY – Master your next games night by creating an escape room at home. Your mission is clear, now set the timer... You're now “locked in” and you have just 60 minutes to exit the room and win the game. FEEL THE THRILL – Create a true escape room atmosphere with the Escape Room The Game App. It adds a thrilling soundtrack to each escape room scenario. Available as a free download for Apple and Android devices. RISE TO THE CHALLENGE – Perfect for friends and family, this game is designed for 3-5 players, ages 16 and up. Teamwork, creativity, and attention to detail are your keys to solving the brain-bending riddles and puzzles. Can you and your teammates exit the game? BASE GAME REQUIRED – To play, the Escape Room The Game base game set is required (sold separately).

Ages 16+

3-5 Players,

60 miniutes

A Copy of ESCAPE the Room is required to play this expansion