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Rory's Story Cubes: Actions is the first expansion set for the Rory's Story Cubes range. This time we have created 54 unique icons (or picto-verbs) that depict the most important verbs (action words) to be learned in second language development.

Rory's Story Cubes: Actions does not require Rory's Story Cubes in order to use them. They can be played on their own straight out of the box, or mixed with other sets of Rory's Story Cubes.

Made to the same high quality as the original set, Rory's Story Cubes: Actions are inked in dark blue. This makes them easier to sort from your Rory's Story Cubes after use.

With Rory's Story Cubes: Actions, you will have more fun practising a new language. You will be able to practise telling stories set in the past, present and future!

Try starting your stories with 3 cubes (as opposed to 9 in Rory's Story Cubes). This makes it easier when learning a second language.

Randomly mix in with the original Rory's Story Cubes to create a more action packed set of 9 cubes.