Take Along 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Arena

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The case can be transformed into a soccer field.
- Every included player can be moved easily with just one hand and by pulling back and releasing the trigger, the player's leg can kick the ball.
- The ball can be kick high or flat depending on the position of the player.
- After being connected to the guide rod, both goalkeepers can be move to the left and right, and also rotate from side to side to dive for the block.
- The flocking of the soccer field garantees that the ball can roll better and gives the playing area a better look and feel.
- The four included balls can be put in the hollows of the field's side boards.Construction
- From the case to the soccer field:
- Open both cover flaps on the handle side.
- Remove the dark gray plastic base.
- Open up the sides of the case.
- Remove the handle.
- Put the two halves of the field together with the building system.
- Snap the goalkeepers with holder into the provided guide rod.
- Insert the goals.